Catering pertains to the business of providing beverage and food service on particular site like public house, hotel and many other specified locations. This activity is done to cater to different events. Caterers can either be individuals or independent vendors. Catering services are delivered at full range of special events like weddings, exhibitions, conferences, business meetings and many other special occasions.

Aside from delivering foods and beverages, caterers also deal with handling event decorations, audio and video and many other aspects of the event or program. A catering manager usually manages the staff of chefs, servers and others.

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Catering-Learn its History

The earliest description of major functions catered in the US is the 1778 ball held in Philadelphia. This was catered by the phenomenal Caesar Cranshell celebrating the departure of William Howe, a well-respected British General. The catering business has originally come to form in 1820 in the heart of Philadelphia. Catering is viewed to be a profitable and respectable business.

The catering industry actually began to professionalize under Robert Bogle’s reign. He was best recognized as “Originator of Catering”. In 1840, the second black caterers’ generation of Philadelphia was formed and they began combining their exclusive catering businesses with the restaurants they owned.

It was during 1880s when the common usage of the term “caterer” widely came about and at this time, various local directories start listing many caterers. Over time, white businessmen moved to the catering industry and this specifically happened in 1930s, the same time when black businesses disappeared virtually.

It was also in 1930 when Soviet Union, making easier and simple menus star developing public catering establishments as significant part of the collectivation policies. Rationing systems were put into practice during the World War II and people became accustomed with catering. It was in 1960s when home-made foods were overtaken by dining and eating in various public-catering establishments.

Different Types of Catering Services

Catering services and operations are somewhat wide ranging and these cover mobile services, special events, industrial and business activities. When hiring caterers’ services, it is highly imperative to employ only the reputable and professional service provider to ensure that aspect of food servicing of a given event will go as smoothly as possible. The most well-known catering operations and services are as follows:

Mobile Catering

Mobile catering services provide food and beverages from their vehicles. These catering providers do not really have their permanent physical address since they are using their vehicles as their main office. Mobile catering are typically used at large outdoor events and concerts. Services provided by mobile caterers can also be offered in workplaces and in business areas.

Mobile catering services is not likely to be facilitated via prior contact and these relate more to van or mobile truck travelling   to particular locations with the complete and right equipment and food on board. These catering services may also relate to meals-to-go, festivals, fairs, parking lot vendors and more. When delivering mobile catering services, there should be a fully equipped catering unit to be able to deliver delicious foods and professional service.

Event Catering

Event catering likely offers all-inclusive services for large-scale receptions, parties, weddings, award banquets, anniversaries and the list goes on. Special event catering involves both the presentation of stunning menu and the service. There are some event caterers who are also involved in arranging or organizing events like planning and decorating.

Moreover, event caterers can also introduce and suggest other related services such as musicians, rental companies and florists. Special event caterers may specialize in one area while others are versatile and can fulfill various event requirements. Event catering services is so far the most famous type of catering service offered. Event catering can be split into two categories; the buffet style meals and meals served by the wait staff. The buffet style is perfect option for large parties that are somewhat more nonchalant and laid back.

Business Catering

This particular type of catering service is essentially intended to provide types of foods favored at conferences, corporate parties, business meetings, lunches and training sessions. Business catering is one specific area in catering industry which seems to be in great demand and very competitive in nature not to mention the year-round opportunities for catering that caterer can enjoy. It is highly important to prepare only the best foods when delivering business catering services since it is vital to impress everyone attending corporate events.

Industrial Catering

This is another type of catering service that mainly involves industrial areas and certainly offering meals for universities, airlines, hospitals, schools and many other similar institutions. Most if not all industrial caterers have annual or semi-annual contracts with different companies to help deliver long term and more stable employment. Serving foods is not really necessary with industrial catering since foods prepared are passed on to institutions and are served generally in cafeteria style.


The Enormous Benefits of Catering Services to People

Catering services are frequently sought upon by customer because it completely relieves the burden and stress of planning and preparing food for special events. Other benefits people can get when they hire a caterer are as follows:

  • No more long hours of cooking

Thinking of what foods to cook and the number of hours it will take to cook and prepare the entire men can really be a big burden. When you hire a caterer, all you have to do is let the caterer know your desired menu that will be offered to the guests. Expert caterers will do the cooking.

  • No more tiring preparation

Catering eliminates the need for tiring and stressful preparation. Caterers can secure all the needed equipment for the big event such as sound systems, video and photo coverage, souvenirs and many others.

  • No more planning

Caterers actually do all the planning and other related tasks for you. You no longer have to worry with the theme, style and food at your party because caterers will handle everything for you.

  • No more hassle and stress

Undeniably, getting the services of caterers for your special event provide you the possibility of enjoying a stress free party.

These are just few of the many benefits offered by catering services. People also save money, time and effort getting this service than dealing with everything on their own.